Sanjeevani Power Bracelet

Sanjeevani Power Bracelet - NS - Design I
Average bead size: approx. 15mm to 25mm
Design: Made in silver and attached to elastic band upper arm

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Sanjeevani Power Bracelet

Product Code RST140
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Product Description  

Origin: Nepal

Configuration: 2 mukhi, 6 mukhi, 8 mukhi, 10 mukhi, 12 mukhi, 14 mukhi and 16 mukhi, 18 mukhi rudraksha in silver.

Description: This combination is designed to balance the lower 3 chakras for stability and security in personal and professional life. It makes you grounded and focused with fearlessness, courage, inner-strength and willpower to face challenges. It enhances self-esteem, self-respect and self-belief and helps you expand your full potential. It awakens leadership skills and attracts name, fame and recognition. It promotes vitality, good physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing. It attracts support by way of right contacts and partnerships for growth and abundance.

2 mukhi Rudraksha enhances self-esteem and brings emotional and mental balance.
6 mukhi Rudraksha connects with inner strength to face reality and fight challenges with determination.
8 mukhi Rudraksha develops sense of practicality and removes physical and mental lethargy. Clears obstacles in way to success.
10 mukhi Rudraksha reveals your power of creativity and safeguards against negativity.
12 mukhi Rudraksha imparts power of command and leadership skills. It drives one towards self-discipline, moral conduct, duty and ethics.
14 mukhi Rudraksha brings command over senses, increases willpower and intuition power.
16 mukhi Rudraksha enhances one’s complete potential and boosts creativity.
18 mukhi Rudraksha brings abundance and profit. Gives support, stability, strength and grounding.

Therapeutic properties: It cures muscle pains and lower back pains. It helps in treating ailments related to digestive system, liver, bladder, prostrate, intestines, sexual organs and kidneys. Gives relief in hip/knee/leg/ankle pains, bone pains, sciatica and piles.

Design: Made in pure sterling silver with platinum rhodium plating for long lasting silver finish.

Bead size: Rudraksha are available in many sizes and grouped in regular, small and large sizes. For Java variety, J represent regular size, JS is small and JL is large.
For Nepal variety, N denotes regular size, NS small and NL is large size. In terms of long term effect, there is not much difference. In short term, larger sizes seem to work faster due to large surface area. Choice of size selection depends on the personal choice of the wearer.


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