3 Mukhi Nepal Rudraksha beads bracelet - I

3 Mukhi Nepal Rudraksha beads bracelet - I
3 mukhi Rudraksha: approx. 15 mm (7 beads)
Length: approx. 7.5 inches adjustable

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3 Mukhi Nepal Rudraksha beads bracelet - I

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This bracelet is made using high-quality uniform and smooth 3 Mukhi Rudraksha beads of Nepal origin. 3 mukhi is governed by Fire God - Agnidev and planet Sun. Wearing this Rudraksha helps overcome sense of victimization and releases memories of shame, hurt and stress. It heals the Solar Plexus Chakra and aids digestion.

Design: Uniform beads strung in stretch elastic with wooden accessories.

Bracelet is strung as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy™; wherein each bead follows the correct clockwise orientation to make a proper circuit of energy and give you full results in the shortest period of time.

  • Brings awareness in the present moment and illuminates true pure self
  • Protects from obstacles and failures due to past birth karma
  • Enhances self-respect and self-esteem to face any situation and attain success
  • Releases stress and soothes the mind and body

  • Configuration: Made of 3 mukhi from Nepal.

    Origin: Nepal

    Ruling deity: Agni
    Ruling planet: Sun

    Mantras: Beej Mantra: Om Kleem Namah
    Planet Mantra: Om Hreem Suryay Namah
    Deity Mantra: Om Agni Devaya Namaha.

    3 mukhi Rudraksha: approx. 15 mm (7 beads)
    Length: approx. 7.5 inches adjustable


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